March 1, 2022

Rasputin’s Penis – Big Penis Or Big Hoax?


For years historians have exchanged legendary stories about Rasputin’s penis. Rumored to be over 13 inches long, the Mad Monk may have possessed the most famous set of genitalia of all time. As time has passed, new evidence leads us to wonder if any of the stories are true. Was it a big penis or a big hoax?

Grigori Rasputin gained fame in the early 1900’s as a confidant of the Russian tsar’s wife. Rumors of mad sexual adventures preceded his ties with her, so one can only imagine what kind of scandal their new hookup must have caused. Apparently, it was too much for some to accept, and on December 29, 1916 Rasputin was murdered by a group of Russian conservatives who feared he was gaining too much influence with the tsar’s wife. Some even say that Rasputin was the major cause of the Russian revolution. As for the murder, some accounts say he was also castrated, and his severed member was tossed across the room. It was reportedly found the next morning by the cleaning maid, who kept it until it somehow fell into the hands of a group of female Russian expatriates living in Paris. The women kept the organ in a wooden crate, worshiping it as a fertility charm, until Rasputin’s daughter learned of the whereabouts of her father’s massive member. She demanded it be returned to her, and kept it until her death in 1977.

Many variations of the actual whereabouts of Rasputin’s penis continue to this day. The most recent has it being preserved in a museum of erotica in St Petersburg, Russia. With so much interest today in male enhancement, it is interesting to consider whether the stories about Rasputin are about his big penis or big hoax. Either way, it makes for some head scratching. His organ’s size was rumored to be about 11 inches flaccid and over 13 inches when erect. If he were alive today he could replace Smiling Bob on those television commercials!

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Source by William Lee Stevens

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