February 27, 2022

How can I help Ukraine? – International Rescue Committee


The world watched in shock as the Russian military invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022.
Over the last eight years, war has been steadily waged in Ukraine, leaving more than 850,000 people internally displaced and almost 3 million people in need of humanitarian aid. The economy was already in decline due to the conflict and the impacts of COVID-19. 
The escalation of violence between Russia and Ukraine will lead to grave human suffering. The world will bear witness to innocent deaths, destruction of civilian infrastructure and massive displacement inside the country and across Europe. 
Here are some ways you can help the people of Ukraine:
The first train with Ukrainian refugees came to Przemysl, Poland.
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is launching an emergency appeal to help support displaced families with critical aid.
While we truly hope we can avert disaster and avoid human suffering, the IRC is ready and preparing for the worst. We are working quickly to mobilize resources that will provide life-saving support to civilians forced to flee their homes. Our teams are already on the ground in Poland, and working with our local partners in both Poland and Ukraine. 
One of the best ways you can help right now is by rushing an emergency donation to help us assist those in crisis in Ukraine and around the world. 
Since the 2014 annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, the conflict has left 3,000 people dead, displaced 850,000 Ukrainians from their homes, and placed 3 million people in need of humanitarian aid. 
The current conflict has the potential to be the largest military action in Europe since WWII. U.S. intelligence projects up to 50,000 people could be killed or wounded.
You can get up to speed on the situation here
The IRC stands in solidarity with the people and families of Ukraine whose lives will be impacted by this attack. One way you can show them your support is by sharing this post:
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This would be the worst humanitarian crisis Europe has seen in decades and people must be protected.
The IRC strongly backs the United Nation Secretary General’s call to protect civilians in line with international humanitarian law. The UN Charter must be respected and international humanitarian law followed, including the protection of schools and hospitals.  
Eugenia Mazur, 26, holds Andrey, age 2. Igor and Eugenia Mazur, the parents of 5 children all under 8 years of age, live approximately 10 miles from the Donetsk frontlines in Gornyak, Ukraine.
Countries surrounding Ukraine must prepare to welcome their neighbors who have been forced to flee their homes. The international community must scale up funding for services to support refugees and asylum seekers. People must be allowed to move freely, and aid agencies must be granted access to those in need of aid.
At the same time, the world must prepare for the worst and get funds to relief services inside and outside Ukraine. This will save lives and alleviate human suffering.
​​The international community must remain united and apply diplomatic pressure to focus on a political settlement.
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