February 19, 2022

Heart healthy routines with Planet Fitness – FOX31 Denver


FOX31 Denver
February is heart health month! Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the United States, according to the American Heart Association. And the CDC reports one person in the U.S. dies every 36 seconds from cardiovascular disease.
When it comes to the health of your heart, small changes to your lifestyle can make a big difference. And it’s never too early or late to improve your heart health. Ashton Malmstrom with Planet Fitness shows us some ways to incorporate heart health into your daily routine. Building healthy habits into your day, so it becomes second nature for you, and the entire family.
Start your day with some FUN-ctional Dynamic movements:
o Bend & Reaches
o Twist & Shout
Get Creative with fun Cardio Alternatives
o Cha-Cha Slide while making breakfast or lunch
– ((let’s add one more fun idea here?!))
Discover Mighty Minutes for Strength all throughout your workday:
– Do some seated strength exercises between virtual meetings
– Sit-to-Stand Press
– Hip Hinge
– Bicycle Crunch
Make your post-dinner time your Family-Fun Activity Time
Grab your spouse and little ones and play games like:
– Simon Says
– Red Light/Green Light
– Freeze Tag or Red Rover
– Dance Party or dance competition

Planet Fitness makes it easy for anyone to prioritize their health, with no judgement! No matter your age or your fitness level, we provide a welcoming environment and judgement free zone.

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A huge python was slithering around Anthony Chabot Regional Park in Oakland, California, on Thursday, and no one knew exactly where it was hiding.
Pythons are not native to the area and park officials suspect that someone dumped their full-grown pet in the park.
DENVER (KDVR) — Denver has already had two cold stretches in February with multiple days in a row below freezing, and another is expected this week.
The first cold stretch of the month was from 8 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 31, through noon on Friday, Feb. 4. This kept Denver below freezing for 88 hours.
DENVER (KXRM) — The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment sent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the Suncor refinery Plant 2 Title V permit for review, requiring the Commerce City refinery to reduce air pollution.
Per law, CDPHE must grant Suncor’s application for renewal of its Title V operating permit if the permit complies with all requirements. CDPHE has the authority to strengthen emissions monitoring and reporting standards in the permit, and the department strengthens the permit. The EPA has 45 days to review the permit and approve it or provide CDPHE feedback. 


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