May 2, 2022

A collection of the best marketing growth promotion tools


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Here we will cover the most powerful tools for boosting your marketing growth to lead it to success.

Increased growth enables you to leverage marketing opportunities in an efficient manner that leads to better results in less time.

If you are a smart online marketer, you want to grow your business in every possible way.

Fortunately, growth models offer a lot of tools with which you can promote and increase your business growth.


1. Colibri: The best tool for expanding your traffic which is the key factor to boost your marketing growth.



Colibri helps you stand out in front of your audience. It boosts the results of search engine optimization efforts like Google and Bing and boosts your products’ online visibility.

Colibri also lets you know the conversations with your audience. Moreover, it provides information about the people who are searching for your competitors.

In addition to the above, Colibri shows you where your customers are participating online so that you can engage yourself in relevant conversations. You can tailor it to Google’s preferences by helping you use the right keywords related to your industry and brand.

Finally, you can even integrate it with Google Analytics to measure the success of your growth promotion.

2. Qualaroo:


Created by Sean Ellis.

Initially Qualaroo can help you to gain insight into your audience using the available statistics.

It also enables you to define the browsing pattern of your niche audience, which makes you aware of their needs.

When you use this intuitive tool, you can instantly engage your audience and increase your impact.


3. Outbrain:.

Outbrain helps you choose the best article places that can connect you with a wide audience in just a few days.

This tool can also make you visible in the “Around the World” section of the world’s leading online magazines, such as CNN, TIME, Slate and Fast Company.


4. List Builder:


When we talk about marketing growth promotion tools we should not forget this tool, List Builder, which is the brainchild of Noah Kagan, enables you to create an email list of potential customers that you can use to send emails.

And when you use this tool, you can promote newly launched products, promotional packages and upcoming events for your brand using emails.
The main plus of List Builder is that it is available for both mobile and desktop users.


5. Click to tweet: One of the marketing growth tools related to the Twitter platform.

As its name suggests, Click To Tweet allows you to promote your business on Twitter with just one click.
You can use this tool in many ways. For example, you can make an offer to your audience to promote your content in exchange for a free gift or service.

Finally, and the best thing about this tool is its ability to tell you exactly how many times people have clicked on your Tweet with very accurate statistics.
In addition, you can integrate it into various online resources, such as email, landing page, social media posts, etc.


6. Infusionsoft:

It is a tool for small businesses to automate your marketing efforts. First, InFusionSoft enables you to automatically follow up on potential clients.
And add that with this tool, you can easily connect with your potential customers using email marketing tool and social media platform.

7. Crazy egg:

Great product but better for the price for a small-mid sized business

Bottom line Crazy Egg allows you to make informed decisions to increase conversion and enhance the user experience on your website. If there were no other similar products I would have no issue continuing to use Crazy Egg even with the cons of the product.


Crazy Egg does what it needs to, deliver valuable insights through various features to make informed decisions to increase conversion and user experience on your website. Crazy Egg was the first paid product I used for heat mapping, scroll, click data etc. It served me well and is a must have tool in the marketing tech stack.


I didn’t like to have to set up the pages to track in Crazy Egg vs. other products that allowed you to look at any page without setting them up. As a small-mid sized business budget also became a reason for switching away from Crazy Egg with other competitive products that delivered the same or better experience at less cost as we scaled. I would still use Crazy Egg in a heart beat but have moved on for competitive products.

Reasons for choosing Crazy Egg

Initially we picked Crazy Egg as a market leader in this area and the fact it was owned by [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN]. The product delivers on what you would expect. I have since moved on to Lucky Orange and Hotjar as a better fit for my needs.

8. Marketo:


A popular tool with multiple uses through which you can add significant modifications to all your marketing activities and direct them to the best.

First, Marketo helps you scale up your marketing campaigns and publish them on a range of social media channels.
And secondly, it increases marketing performance through automation and email and this leads to getting analytics and managing social media.

In addition, the Marketo tool includes everything you need to market your brand and measure its success.


9. BuzzSumo: An excellent marketing growth booster for beginners.

At first, BuzzSumo clears you of the barriers of not being familiar enough with your content marketing process.

Then it gives you its insight into which content will be best for a particular keyword, competitor, or topic. With this tool, you can learn about strategies and techniques to make your content accessible to your target audience.

In addition, BuzzSumo also lets you see which titles work best for social media marketing and blogging.

And then you can get help from this tool to find a lot of people who have influence in your field and can promote your business.


10. Kissmitrics: One of the marketing growth promotion tools that is primarily based on data collection.

Kissmetrics keeps you informed of data about your niche audience. Kismetrix collects data from people as they use your website’s resources and products.

By using this tool, you can segment your leads based on their browsing behavior. By applying this method, you can impressively control which groups of people should focus on websites.

And here we conclude the list of the best tools to boost your marketing growth that will contribute significantly to your success.

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